Enigma Obscurum

The vernal equinox is here, and you’re exclusively invited to Reimersholme to celebrate, read your future, join a siblinghood, or just enjoy a beer and listen to some live music.
The overlords of the Enigma Obscurum Siblinghood Society™ invite us all for an sonic, meditative initiation rite for the night and the equinox.
AASMA ❂ Full band live performance
Aasma is a multidisciplinary artist with roots in Estonia, raised in a samba group in Gothenburg and based in Stockholm – reflecting on humanity and nature together with an army of flutists, sculptors, drag artists, magicians, mystics and game designers. With a field recorder in hand, a pair of terrain shoes and a portable production setup, they create experimental pop music in collaboration with the ocean, the mountains and the trees. Recording musicians from all over earth, creating innovative performances and presenting an ode to nature, collectivism and playfulness.
BONANDER ❂ Guest appearance
Musician, arranger and producer – injecting darkness into the candied vein of pop
JAFAR THE SUPERSTAR ❂ Tarot readings
Persian. Princess. Performer.