Bram van Langen

Bram van Langen, Dutch songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who studied Guitar and Bass at the Conservatory, is an avid performer: playing a minimum of 100 shows each year for the past ten years, the stage is his happy place. Performing his own songs or as a side man in other acts, most recently the indie songwriters The Coo and Lewin, he has traveled all over Europe on long tours, discovering new friends and stories in countries along the way.

Off stage, Bram looks for the calm and quiet – places to collect his thoughts, which are many, and escape from the pressure and pace of our loud modern world. When, on a tour, he discovered the long quiet beaches and overwhelmingly beautiful nature of Sweden, he became a regular visitor, soaking up a culture and language that felt more organic, calm and introverted.

Bram is a thinker, sensitive to the smallest gestures and moments – in his music this translates to carefully weighed notes, and words chosen for their sound and cadence as much as their meaning, wrought into a finely tuned poetic structure that makes one come back to listen even closer. Inspired by artists like Nick Drake, Paul Simon and Paul McCartney he has a similar affnity for pleasing melodies and warm, mesmerizing harmonies in which the listener can find a calm place to wander.


Dörrar: 19:00. På scen: 20:00.


Restaurangen och vinbaren öppnar kl 17:00, passa på att äta innan eller efter konserten. Boka bord på

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