Jhon Allan + Izza Gara

Reimersholme Hotel
Izza Garra 20:00
Jhon Allan 20:45
Dörrar 19:00
Inträdde: 100kr i dörren

Izza Gara is an alternative R’n’B/Dance artist, songwriter, and producer.

In 2022, Izza Gara gained international attention with the song ’Came To Dance’ and has since released three singles, ”You’ve Done,” ”Water,” and ”Mama Wise Words,” which have been featured on BBC Radio UK, German Radio station Fritz, Swedish radio station P3, and highlighted on Swedish television “Morgonstudion” besides Olivia Rodrigo and Charli XCX. Prior to her music career, Izza Gara worked as a dancer. Today, Izza Gara incorporates dance as an element of her artistry.

A solo project from one of the household producers at klover, Victor “Jhon Allan” Garcia is a breath of fresh air in the Swedish music scene but no stranger within the culture. Having been one of the main producers behind the eclectic Haley Bridge, Jhon Allan has honed his skills for more than ten years although he’s just twenty three years of age. He started out as a DJ with big dreams in the early 10’s. While spinning records in small venues throughout the city he started producing by himself. After getting to know the craft better he started working with other creators. He built up his reputation within the underground scene of Stockholm and started to get some recognition from playing in bands like Nattrafik. But after a decade of experience it was time to start a new chapter with his own solo project.