OHRWURM + Sabrina Li

Doors: 19
Live: 20
DJ + fuck it up on the dance floor: 22

Inspired by retro anime, analog synthesizers, and jazzy beats the project Ohrwurm was created by Jens Olson and Axel Richert Berkemar. Ten years later after being introduced to each other on a simple bus ride they now explore experimental pop through nostalgic soundscapes from the future. Debuting with the album orchids/impros Ohrwurm opened up to a world full of soul hugging basslines and mind tickling arpeggios layered with aching falsetto and eccentric percussion. In 2023 they released the single galantheae and now invite you to join them on the never ending quest to find new ways of expression.

Sabrina Li
Born in Hong Kong, raised in Sweden Sabrina Li started off at the age of six as a classical pianist. She later dug further into the different ways of capturing thoughts and emotions through sound by studying music production and is now driven by the intriguing interaction of the classical sound and the electronic world. Inspired by a constantly changing mood board of genres her creations may lack the typical red thread, however the authenticity of her lyrics and vocals ties it all together somehow.

DJ Slick Vicious
Born and raised in the barren woods of Norrbotten, where music was the only means of fighting the cold within. With everything from pumping house to filthy dance punk, SLICK is now here to spread the warmth that only bangers can serve.